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Hi and welcome to my new website!

I’m Susie Castillo, the 3rd Latina to ever win the coveted Miss USA title, an actor, television host, author, speaker and devoted wife. I'm newly vegan {my love for animals is seriously next level} and a self-taught, plant-based, amateur cook who loves to share delicious, healthy recipes via #suzeats on social media.

You may recognize me from my years of being an MTV host and washing my face in commercials as a Neutrogena ambassador : ) ...or perhaps you recognize me from one of my acting gigs. Either way...


I also happen to be a decades-long lover of home design & decor after earning my bachelors degree in Interior Architecture and Design from Endicott College in 2001 {where I met my husband of 11 years} and plan on using my passion for home design and decor to share my tips on my Casa De Suz blog. I completely gutted and renovated the first home my husband and I purchased here in Los Angeles {SOOOO much work!} so, along with my degree, I think that makes me somewhat of an expert, LOL!

Originally an east coast girl from MA, I've been living in Los Angeles for the past 13 years with my college sweetheart {now filmmaker husband}, Matt, and our two Chihuahuas, Lupe and Oscar.

My hope is that my newly relaunched food and lifestyle blog inspires you to try new things in life just as I have! Life can be so fulfilling if you create it to be. Be sure to sign up for my Casa De Suz newsletter below and follow me on social media so you don't miss a thing!