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Green Juice

This is my daily breakfast.

I know, I's green and doesn't look very yummy but it IS! I promise! And so incredibly good for you as it provides all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes the body needs for the day.

I've been making fresh orgainic veggie/fruit juices for the past 6 years and have seen incredible health changes with my husband and I. We'll never go back to the old way of eating breakfast (and I never say never about anything). Whenever we do want breakfast foods, we'll have it for dinner that night : )

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Juicing Tip & Recipe

Hello, My Fellow Veggie Juicers!

This past May, I celebrated my 6-year juicing anniversary! Ever since my nutritionist (now dear friend) Natalia Rose, explained the tremendous health benefits of juicing, the first thing I put into my body each day is my fresh, organic veggie juice. It infuses my body with all the vitamins, enzymes and minerals that my body needs. No need for dietary supplements! It's invigorating and my body thanks me for it every day with a strong immune system :)

So, I wanted to share an easy little juicing tip that helps make the cleanup faster:

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Give Us This Day Our Daily Juice...

Hola Amigos!

One of the most important things I do for optimal health and to help detoxify my body (because I polluted it with unhealthy foods for 25 years!) is drink 16-24 ounces of fresh veggie juice everyday. It's the first thing I consume each day because it's best to have it on an empty stomach; that way, the body can drink up all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes the juice contains. Also, veggie juice is super cleansing in your digestive system! It helps loosen up stagnant waste and helps is move out of the body, i.e. detoxifying the body.

And I hear all the thoughts going through your head; believe me, I've been there! We've all been conditioned to eat like everybody else...but that way of eating is literally prematurely killing us! We've got to make a change! So, don't knock the juice till ya try it, homies. My harshest skeptic has smiled and given me a wide-eyed "Mmmmm" upon taking a sip of this liquid goodness, so be open-minded and give it a try. You won't regret it. In fact, you may find you love it like I do!

Below is the recipe which I got from my nutritionist, Natalia Rose. Of course, if you can get the ingredients organically, your body will thank you for it as your vegetables will not have been irradiated, doused in pesticides or grown from genetically modified seeds.


Susie's Veggie Lemonade

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