“Confidence Is Queen is a great book full of inspiration for any young woman looking to do something positive with their lives but I recommend this book for any one who needs a little more confidence.” -Amazon review
- Identify and effectively develop your spirituality
- Discover and embrace your relationships
- Take control of your health and body image
- Believe in your dreams and make them a reality
In CIQ, I illustrate just how to incorporate these four keys into your life and become the most confident, positive, and beautiful you.


Inspired by my young high-school and college-age MTV fans at the time, in 2007, I accomplished one of my biggest dreams when my first book Confidence is Queen: The Four Keys to Ultimate Beauty through Positive Thinking was published by Penguin Books.

In CIQ, I share my story of how, after years of enduring physical abuse at the hands of my often drunk father, he abandoned our family and left my mom with nothing but three little girls to now raise on her own. But it's not a sad story! It's one with a very happy ending indeed!

I went from a girl who was raised by an incredibly strong single mom and grew up in a low-income neighborhood yet went on to become Miss USA, an actor, radio show host, author, speaker and television host. Growing up in a neighborhood where gang life and teen pregnancy are the norm, the odds were never in my favor. However, I persevered with the love and never-ending support from my mom. So many young women grow up in similar situations and I wrote CIQ to show them how I created the life that I would dream of as a child and how THEY TOO can find their confidence to be the queens they were put on this earth to be! 

My aim was, and still is, to inspire young girls who may or may not be going through something similar, to continue striving for their dreams, and to give hope to all the single parents who are working hard and sacrificing so much to provide a better life for their kids.

Where would I be in life had I continued the crazy cycle of abuse? At what point did I decide I was worth more? What was the driving force that helped me win Miss USA?--I answer all these questions and so many more in my book. Additionally, I share beauty tips, give fashion and nutrition advice, talk about building strong relationships, etc. 

A million "thank you's" to all who've read CIQ and have sent me sweet messages over the years. I cherish them all.