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Fasting Journal: Day 3

Fasting Journal: Day 3

Guys and gals, I'm so sorry for posting this a day late for y'all! Work and a fun event delayed me but alas! I'm here!

Matt and I woke up on day three once again feeling lethargic, a bit out of breath and ready to throw in the towel! LOL! We were aiming for at least a full 3 days of the fast but I think it was too much for us. We agreed that we would continue drinking lots of water and break the fast that afternoon with some fresh avocados followed by simple fruit smoothies for dinner. One thing is CERTAIN, you want to ease back into eating after doing a fast. Be gentle with your body. After all, you only have one!


  • organic frozen berries: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries

  • two organic dates (pitted of course)

  • fresh watermelon

  • organic almond milk

In just 2.5 days of my water fast, I lost 5 lbs, my belly is so flat, and today I feel amazing! I'm been exercising and my energy levels are back to normal with the very clean eating that I've done the last day. Speaking of which, yesterday was our first real day of consuming heavier fiber than the fruit smoothie and normally we'd eat together but I had an event to go to. Matt ate the following for his dinner around 6:30pm or so:

  • baby kale salad: baby kale, avocado, fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil
  • a large baked sweet potato

I would've eaten the same meal but had an incredible girls night to celebrate the release of my friend Roselyn Sanchez's film, Traffik (it also stars Paula Patton). The beautiful evening was hosted by Verky, editor at Latina Magazine and creator of The Latina Connect, and the amazing Puerto Rican, vegan chef, Jose Rivera Miura, curated a delicious feast for us! You can find Chef Jose at Smorgasburg LA.

If you saw my Instagram stories, you saw that I had a lovely arugula salad, with persian cucumber, avocado and edible flowers. The dressing was very simple and fresh with a crisp lemon flavor.

For my entrée, Chef Miura made me a mofongo topped with jackfruit ropa vieja and it was TO DIE FOR! The flavors were unbelievable and brought me back to my childhood as all the Puerto Rican flavors were bursting with every bite. The portion was just right and Chef Miura enticed me with that meal. So much so that I will be visiting at Smorgasburg LA on Sunday to try other vegan delicacies!!! Not bad for my first real meal back after my fast. The mofongo, although reasonably portioned, was probably too heavy to have so I did have a tiny stomach ache from eating too much, something that you definitely don't want to do after a fast. Matt's meal was definitely more appropriate and he felt great!

I didn't drink any alcohol and only had water with lemon the entire night. Here are some pics from the evening with some fantastic, badass, Latina women. You may recognize some of these faces:

My Weekly Detox Chart

My Weekly Detox Chart

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